Assignments are to be completed individually unless otherwise noted, and should be submitted via eCommons. Assignments are due at 11:59PM on the due date. The eCommons assignment will close at 1AM the day afterwards, which gives a 1 hour "grace period" to allow for unforeseen issues with submitting. Assignments received after this grace period cannot be submitted by eCommons, and must be e-mailed to the Professor and TAs. Assignments received after the grace period will be penalized. If you are having issues submitting via eCommons, e-mail the assignment to the Professor and TAs before the grace period ends to ensure you will not be penalized.

The eCommons Submission Guide has a walkthrough on how to submit your assignment.

Common mistakes:

- Ensure you fully submit your assignment. Just uploading the files, or uploading the files and clicking "Save" does not submit the assignment. You must click Submit.
- Upload a PDF. The graders may not be using Microsoft Office, so DOCX files are not allowed. If you upload a DOCX file, it may not be readable. This will negatively impact your score.
- Embed screenshots into the PDF file. You should not attach screenshots as separate files. Please see a TA if you need instruction on how to do this.

Lab Assignments

Assignment Due Date
Prelab 1 Sunday, October 2nd 11:55PM
Lab 1 Sunday, October 9th 11:55PM
Prelab 2 Sunday, October 16th 11:55PM
Lab 2 *EXTENDED* Friday, October 28th 11:55PM
Prelab 3 Sunday, October 30th 11:55PM
Lab 3 *EXTENDED* Tuesay, November 8th 11:55PM
Lab 4 *EXTENDED* Tuesday, November 22nd 11:55PM
Final Project *EXTENDED* Thursday, December 8th 4PM


Sample Questions

Assignment Due Date Solutions

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sample Midterm

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Sample Final







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 Chapter 2 solutions

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Chapter 3 solutions

Chapter 4 solutions



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